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Cabinet clears proposal for 100% FDI for importing foreign states in India

03, Aug 2013 By Sarkeshwar

New Delhi. On Thursday, the cabinet has cleared a proposal for 100% FDI for importing foreign states which allows states like London, New York, Washington, etc. to be directly imported in India. Drafting of this bill was triggered by the formation of 29th state in the name of Telangana.

100% FDI in states
Detailed graphical representation by our political expert Rajniti Sardesai

“So instead of fighting for a state for months, years and decades with long protests, rallies, demonstrations and other peaceful things you could simply import a state in India,” explained Minister of Home Affairs Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Till date, there is 0% FDI in states. So in order to make a new state, all we can demand through is protests, rallies, demonstrations,etc. But if centre succeeds to pull this bill effectively, soon developed foreign states could be easily imported in India.

“So far, this opportunity is only open for government institutions and PSUs. Holistically, other options are being studied and further developments will be notified by a press release latter,” said a cabinet member on condition of anonymity.

If we believe our sources, Mukesh Ambani (through PSU) has already made advance payments for states to be imported suitable for his antilia. So don’t be surprised if one day you wake up in New York or Tokyo or even a Sahara desert.