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Cab driver spotted who was not talking on mobile while driving, Police stops to check the driver’s credentials

17, Jun 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. School kid Tarun sitting behind his mother in a two wheeler was getting restless due to long traffic jams on Bangalore roads. As things were getting difficult, the mother asked the kid to count different types of cars plying on the road to keep him occupied.

Tarun was happy to see most of the cab drivers smiling and talking on the mobile phone while driving. He was thinking about the new term “multitasking” which her English maam taught him in the class that day and he was getting impressed with the way one by one drivers were showing their class & justifying the word on the road.

Normal driving position
Normal driving position

Suddenly Tarun spotted a cab driver who was driving peacefully without using mobile phone. He shouted “Mama, Mama, see the cab uncle is not holding his mobile between his shoulder and tilted head and still he is driving”.

This was something unusual for Tarun’s mother too, who alerted the traffic constable standing at the signal. Traffic constable Mr. Hegde stopped the vehicle immediately and asked for the papers. To his surprise Mr. Hegde found all the vehicle papers are proper and the driver was having a smartphone which had enough battery along with a postpaid connection in the name of the cab company.

Faking News reporter who was also struck at the Asia’s biggest traffic signal (silk board junction) spoke to the driver to know more about this.

Driver Sriram explained to us “Sir, it’s not like I do not want to talk on my phone while driving. Now a days if you are not using phone while driving, you look uncool. For last few days my smartphone is having some problem. Within 3 hours the battery drains out, even if I hate this, still I am keeping my phone off so that I can talk to my dear friend later in the evening.”

When we asked traffic police is not having any issue with it. Sriram told us, “It is easier and safer for traffic police to hide behind a bush to catch the two wheeler riders in a congested city like Bangalore. If traffic police stop cars and ask them to park on road, it will make the situation even worse. Then to clear the jam they have to do extra time. Moreover the necessity of traffic police is taken care of as there are enough two wheeler riders who will be driving without helmet to showcase their hairstyle.”

Sriram added further, “I do not see talking on mobile phone while driving in Bangalore is a problem as hardly any speed we can maintain here. I can drive by keeping my eyes closed in this city because when you open your eyes, you will be struck at the same place with same set of people around you. I have taken one hour nap at silk board junction many times. Unnecessarily I have lost half an hour talking to you. Thanks to the good traffic today, I can still manage a nap of 30 minutes now.”