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CA gets cruelly beaten up by a group of Engineers for speaking strange language

23, May 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Hinjewadi, Pune. A global IT hub where the official language is Java, Unix, Oracle, C+, C++ etc. a CA, CA Bechaara Bebas was cruelly beaten up by a group of ferocious unallocated engineers for speaking language other than these languages.

The whole episode was narrated by CA Bechaara himself to our reporter.

This rare incident happened when amidst all the noise and keeping all the odds behind, a CA tried to enter the periphery of engineers. This was his first day in Aata Consultancy Services Ltd., although all the 330 million GOD didn’t know that why a CA was placed there (Data verified from 37th episode of B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharatha). His shift timings were 07:00 AM to 04:00 PM, he boarded the wrong bus of the company for which he was penalized with a fine of just Rs. 500/- (Now, we can understand why this company has highest market capital in India).

Although he let the incident go, entered the bus and greeted everyone with a “Good Morning”. All the engineers looked at him with suspicion as if his name was George Bush and he was a terrorist. However, those engineers were kind hearted and so they gently replied back, “public static void main (string[] args)” .

CA Bechaara thought that they were abusing him and so he angrily replied, “F off you ass***es”. All the dedicated engineers could not understand the meaning of that and so they replied back, “falseswap (x,y)”. CA Bechaara kept his calm and decided to ignore them.

He reached office and put his first foot in his cabin, he thought as if someone has died and all others are there to pay condolence to their family. His cabin was so silent that he could even hear the whispering sound of lovers outside the building. However he somehow managed to reach his cubicle where his teammate CA Phasgaya Yaar was waiting for him.

Before CA Bechaara greeted him, he said, “Ticket no. 201362, make an RFC with FI workflow.”

He fainted on hearing this technical terms from a CA and so he was taken back to his hostel where many unallocated engineers were partying. He regained his consciousness and said, “Thank you friends for your help.” Hearing this, ferocious unallocated engineers could not resist themselves and they beat him very cruelly.

Our reporter asked one of the engineers, he said , “How dare of him to use language other than Java, Unix, Oracle, C+ and C++. What he thinks of himself, Bloody CA.”

Another engineer promised to make this CA also fully technical person before he leaves the company (which all the CA’s in the company are thinking since its inception but once you are here, you are here).