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Bunch of superheroes to join Indian defence to protect the nation

12, Aug 2013 By The Gun

A bunch of Indian superheroes have expressed interest in protecting the country from the odds that it is facing today. This came after Indian government’s irresponsive attitude to infiltration from China and Pakistan across the border in the recent days. The superheroes said they will do the task which the Indian government has curtailed the defence to do.

First in this list is Sunny Deol who will patrol the north western boundaries bordering Pakistan. He will kill 200 Pakistani soldiers a.k.a. terrorists if they behead one Indian If needed, he shall also run deep into the Pakistan territory during his mission and come back with hand-pumps to help Indians fight water problems. He is available for this duty resulting from scarcity of films in his career these days.

Digvijay Singh, who has done a great harm to the Indian political aura , will channelize his energy by doing the same against the Chinese. His one statement will cause hundreds of Chinese intruders to run back with a promise to never look again towards India. This character transformation of Digvijay is said to be as a result of his poor annual appraisals by the Congress High Command despite of his unconditional services.

Joining Digvijay Singh in the northern borders will be superhero cricketer Sir Ravindra Jadeja. Sir Jadeja in addition to his superb performance  in the Champions’ Trophy. also displayed his aggression on the field with the uncalled spat against team-mate Suresh Raina Jadeja can bowl 20 overs of grenades from the Indian side to the Chinese every day. Digvijay Singh is glad to find in him a talented person to mentor.

Taking care of the entire Indian peninsula will be Rajnikant. He will run all over every day and stump any attempt of intrusion from the waters. It is said that he can also walk on the water during this exercise. He is immune to radio waves and cannot be detected by the enemy’s sensors.

While the Indian government is laid-back about strengthening defence against the evil nations, these MARD have taken a step forward to provide an alternative. India now looks with its hopes on them .This will give sound sleeps to the Indian civilians that was haunted by the danger of security.