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Bun loving panda is logo of Fake In India

27, Sep 2014 By khakshar

“Make in India”  has been launched with much fanfare by the Prime Minister.

Many including some FN correspondents have been inspired by the  successful launch.  They are contemplating launching  “Fake in India”.  The Panda which faked Pregnancy to be pampered with extra food will of course be the emblem.  One of our Brand Ambassadors will  be Ashutosh. Insiders tell that he fakes the Typos deliberately to catch attention of Trolls. Many Bollywood stars are also likely to support the movement. After all the stars have exhibited the the fine art by  10 Pack Abs and censor on cleavage.

A special  diploma course on Faking will be started. Photo-Shop will be a major in which the Diploma will be provided. On line with  Corporate Ethics  stressed upon in “Make in India”, Swami Nityanand who faked Impotency will  teach  ethics and meditation in the new course. Chinese gurus shall be hired to teach the foreign affairs. They are well versed in terms of making diplomatic friends.

Mr.Pagla Patrakar, who will be anchoring the plan is really excited. “According to Sources”, “Insiders Say”  will be our catchy slogans, he explained. Our strike rate of conversion from promises in terms of Investment will be qite higher than Six Percent of  Investment MoUs, he elaborated.

Some permanent members of “Fake in India” have been identified. They will be approached for faculty for the course. Indian Weight Lifters who fall sick just before a tournament , some of our leaders who become  sick seriously just impending arrest may be included in the first batch.

Meanwhile Publishers have realized the potential and are ready to kill the Fake Goose. Recent Publications like “Ham Sab Fake Hain” and “UnReal Elections”  show how effective the art can be.