Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Was bull intruded for its schooling?

16, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Loitering bull’s entry into the school’s campus brought tremor. The loutish animal’s was totally unaware of its entry into the educational institution. It was simple. We should know, it never attended a school. Only the students, teachers and office staff knew of it. Everyone began to run away helter-skelter by seeing its entry. There was fear all around. None could muster enough courage to drive away this sturdy animal. The gatekeeper was clueless for a few minutes. There was really a situation like an earthquake as everyone present at such critical point was only pondering over how it found its way into the school’s field. It was indeed a very uncomfortable situation as to where every human being fears to tread without prior permission, an obstinate, obdurate bull somehow intruded into the campus commandingly. The students were nervously running to hide from the bull’s view and the teachers were also in a tight corner.

If it were happened to be a sacred cow, there was obviously no problem. However, it was a strong muscular bull that is no longer within the sanctified animals. Its well-built body and aggressive nature make it little contemptuous. With the cows getting more importance in today’s political parlance, the bulls are said to be turning into anti-social animals. Very appearance and size of this despicable animal terrorise the public at the very first sight. If it anyhow happens to come amidst the crowd of the common people, the fear suddenly grips the people’s minds.

Commotion dominated till it was not driven away. Some were overheard saying of its entry effected for learning the three ‘R’s. While several others pointed towards its deep liking for taking one complete round of the school’s spacious grassy ground. Still, a few indicated that it entered the school for playing with the monkeys already dwelling there. Whatever will be the accurate reason was yet to be known. Even a detective of the calibre of Sherlock Holmes cannot reach the factuality in the limited time. The students were fearful but the staff also stayed behind taking any risky initiative. They might have considered over the worst consequences if they happened to control the animal which believed in action only.

The terrified students stayed inside the classrooms. Their class teacher too checked them from going out of the closed classroom. Those who were desirous of looking at the bull had a view from the windows. They were enjoying the scene of the running bull and the guards were trailing behind. Although they had seen a bull fight on the television yet they were taking pleasure the running scene.  Some of the teachers were so worried at the bull’s schooling curiosity. If the bull is supposed to have thought of gaining simple knowledge of the basic lessons, there were no valiant teachers to impart fundamental knowledge to the bleating bull. When the teachers are usually failing to manage the crying nursery students, there is no magic wand handy for taming this pure sturdy animal. Suppressing the desire of securing a teacher’s award, none of the frightened teachers came forward for teaching a good lesson to the yelling bull.

Therefore, the guards at the main entrance gate tried their best to impel the well-built, robust white-skinned animal out just as the soldiers on the borders push the enemies beyond the line of actual control. The short but powerfully built sentinel applied them each skill to push bull from the school’s precincts. The school authorities were desperately cursing the cattle catching squad. The guardians were aggrieved at bull’s unexpected access. Luckily, one guard holding a big stick in his hand drove out the animal. Notwithstanding, this matter continued to be discussed for two days.