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Of bulgy talkative individual

22, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The talkative persons do not care of their overweight if they begin their discussion. Such kinds of people remain engrossed into the conversation without anxiety. What instantly draws our attention beside the school is presence of one plump aged man conversing with several parents at one point of time. He is a very talkative individual. He truthfully never tires in continuous conversation. When he starts speaking in his strong voice, his sentences reach the people standing far from him. Whether it is middle-aged or young-looking parents they remain attentive so long as he continues to speak and argue on almost every topic.

Though he looks like Oliver Hardy, his manners are similar to Stan Laurel. He is aged guardian but active and energetic against his older age. His plumpness and loquaciousness are surely his main traits. His upbeat voice appears helpful for alleviating others’ tensions. His mood at the time of the school’s closure appears comparatively different as he quickly approaches towards the school gate for his waiting ward. Round bodied bespectacled elderly man sitting on his old-model scooter is exactly surrounded by the parents every day. He definitely does not crack jokes but talks on his own volition. His realistic stories make his conversation interesting. His coherent firm voice creates extra interest. He annoys none but answers everyone. With bulgy waist and big head, his face looks like the popular American comedian Oliver Hardy. This plump individual does not mind his overweight. He remains busy in conversation owing to his normal habit of talkativeness.

His untiring presence is seen at the posh girl’s school here. His punctuality is unwavering. He used to mention his regularity before other parents. Once he told, “He always avoided being late. He even brought his ward even in the rains or the waterlogged roads.” Such tendency makes him diverse from others. “His habit of being punctual to sustain his ward’s punctuality is a very commendable trait”, stated several parents. He criticises the guardians’ vulnerability on genuine matters. He did not fail to oppose the convent schools’ dominating character that makes the parents a little bit humble. He pointed out that the parents obviously could not go against schools’ whims thinking of their wards’ betterment. Their genuine complaints remained unheeded thereby ripping the parents’ optimism like a blast of duplicity.

“Conversation must be encouraged to vent emotions; the man being a talking animal could not remain silent instinctively for long”, he asserted. Undeniably, his sagacious conclusions are always impressive. If the occasional conversation with a group of people suppresses our peculiar and probing feelings, it must not be discouraged all the more. Our mentality could either be wildly interesting or wildly different before the competitive proclivities, he said freely.  With much equanimity, he discussed how fifty years ago a girl’s qualification was limited to the simple letter writing. But now every family liked to provide one’s daughter with a quality education. That was why we were finding a sharp surge in the girls’ strength at the schools. Though he also disclosed how the dowry system goaded the parents to offer twenty grammes silver dish by rich families on marriages during those previous days, there was no marked decrease in extravaganza even to the present day, he pointed out.