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Buffet makes our order void

20, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Is Buffet system suitable for Indian society? Some of us say when Desi Babas are using a foreign language for suggestions to their disciples, there is nothing wrong adopting the buffet in our marriage parties. But others vehemently oppose this system. It is, of course, not suitable for us as we prefer to dine in a comfortably settled position. Either we squat to take food or settle on some comfy seat to have a meal. We generally dislike eating in stand up posture which gives a really awe-inspiring experience. Indian culture puts a limit on eating in the standing pose.

Eating is not an exercise in our indigenous system. But we have adopted a very out of the way manner. And this is our progressive attitude as we most often are emphasizing upon. What is not perfect for our people is being pursued in a confident style. How could aliens’ choice be ours? Are we not copying the western mores by allowing the buffet? Approval of such tendency is not going to benefit us in any way. Our social gathering is far different from the western society. In pursuance of the western traditions, we are supposed to be faltering somewhere. We should continue to follow our own indigenous system.

Attending a lavish party at the posh Lawn in a spacious area, it was realised how the guests were impatient, uncomfortable and uneasy owing to having dinner by this system. Although all those dinings in the standing pose were holding the plate in one hand yet their perspiration was proof enough to show their anxiousness. There was no other more suitable option for them than to continue savouring the sumptuous items in that tired position. One guest even pointed out that this social gathering seemed to have been arranged for the buffet lovers. No heed was given to those who desired to eat the sumptuous foods by sitting on the comfortable chair. People were seen moving from one table to other holding plates in their respective hands. The guests were giving awful impressions. There were also complaints from lady guests. They were unable to reach the stalls. As the guests got tired in a stand-up position, they wasted no time in leaving the venue quickly. In this painful position, they were supposed to be cursing the hosts for such a bothersome arrangement.

Had they been served on the tables, there would not have been so much needless inconvenience? reacted the guests. The distressed people holding the plate in their hands were moving on from one stall to another stand. It looked as if they were beggars before the serving staff managing tables. Humble bearer was deft enough in serving the items on his own inclination. This appeared quite unreasonable to numerous guests. Ample guests appeared like probing items in a free meal distribution programme. We were conventionally habituated to dine properly and drink that is feasible only in comfortable position. These traditional concepts are losing its vehemence from our party’s etiquette in a bid to copy the western mores unintelligently. The hosts seemed to be overlooking the guests’ traditional manners more akin to the Indian culture. This foreign method allowed guests for self-service which was deemed disgraceful by the converged guests.