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Broom prices skyrocket overnight across Delhi and northern India

13, Dec 2013 By aarkay

As the assembly poll results started pouring out, Delhi witnessed a never-heard of phenomenon of disappearance of brooms of all types and sizes. Brooms did a vanishing act right from that corner-shop to the departmental store in the capital state.

Fingers were pointed at the same politician of Maharashtra who was earlier credited with the onion price rise.

It is said that hoarders vacated onion stocks overnight from warehouses to make room for the broom stocks.

A certain non-secular party went on record linking this to D-company but was stoutly shouted down in one voice by all secular parties of the nation.

House-wives were at a loss as to whether celebrate the sudden influx of onions or mourn the disappearance of brooms from the market.

All Delhi Home-Rulers Community (ADHRC) appealed to Arvind to change AAP election symbol ‘Broom’ to the more modern ‘Vacuum-cleaner’ to ease the situation, assuring that such smart changeover will only enhance the essence of the party message and hence, its image.

Their chairperson made a sweeping statement that it would be the first ever ‘Change’ that AAP, the party ‘with & for a Change’ owed them for all their support.

The vacuum-cleaner, they fervently argued, offers the best solution to suck-out the remnants of corrupt congress elements once and for all, from under the exquisite carpets of Dixit and Gandhi households.

They told the party bosses of AAP in the clearest feminine terms that depriving them of their most traditional dual-purpose domestic appliance on the eve of each election, was unethical and hence, unacceptable.

Simultaneously, they assured that they would put the brooms to the exact use they were invented for ages ago, and ensure that their spouses voted for AAP instead of BJP in the forthcoming elections.

Meanwhile, the All Delhi Oppressed-Hubby Community (ADOHC) questioned the wisdom of AAP bosses of disowning the brooms which brought them their first electoral glory. They cautioned that such an act would have a pan-India negative effect on the voter-sentiment.

All opponents of AAP and the Congress particularly, went wild with exhilaration on knowing the scarcity of brooms.

However, Sheila Dixit going public with her ecstasy at this news drew the wrath of ADHRC activists who said that it was demeaning of the very core of womanhood.

Finally, the Congress is breathing easy that AAP can’t sweep them out any more, in the absence of fresh broom supplies. They believe that new stocks can’t reach Delhi markets before the general elections.

Further, insiders revealed that teams of party-activists were already deployed at all entry points of Delhi to block inflow of new supplies. High-command assured the party workers that their efforts would be well compensated from NREGA funds and those drawn from the Swiss accounts for this exclusive purpose.