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Breaking News : Montek Singh Ahluwalia arrested on criminal charges

16, Sep 2012 By jey

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission was in for a shock as he entered his office today and found more than the usual number of security persons in the lobby. He found out that most of them were Delhi Police, people with a notorious reputation for springing surprise attacks on unsuspecting victims including peaceful protesters, who were there to arrest him on criminal charges for parodying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“Sir was totally shocked, you should’ve seen him. “, recollected an official at the Planning Commission. “He didn’t even protest. He was merely speechless as they escorted him unceremoniously out of the premises” he informed our reporter.

It is not news that PM Manmohan Singh has always been the subject of parody and 6 parody handles on Twitter were blocked recently, with criminal action being threatened for misrepresentation of government officials. However, considering the open friendship that the two, Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia shared, the possibility that one would parody the other was remote.

Further enquiries, especially among close friends and family of Montek Singh Ahluwalia have revealed that he might have conveyed the impression of having parodied the PM because of the maun vrat he had been observing on an almost daily basis. “He doesn’t even talk to us. He has been observing maun vrat hoping that it will bring more rains, lower inflation and bring India back on the growth track. He has been doing all this for the country, and this is how the country repays him, by putting him behind bars”, lamented a member of Ahluwalia’s family.

Mr.Ahluwalia has been bearing the brunt of criticism from various quarters of late, after several NAC members criticised his supposedly lavish lifestyle with respect to tours and toilets. The future of the Planning Commission lies in the dark as it remains to be seen whether his touring habits will also be perceived under the light of the more recent parody accusations.