Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Breaking: ISIS drop their plan to attack India as liberals are against the death of terrorists.

09, Aug 2015 By fibster

In a major development, ISIS, the deadliest terrorist organization, took an unexpected U-turn about the strategy of war against India.

An ISIS spokesperson, talking to our reporter, said, “after all, we lure the urban class, educated Muslims from the west and the subcontinent by claiming that the Jihadi martyrs will get 72 virgins in heaven after death. If the Indians are not letting the terrorists die, one can never become a martyr. That poor Yakub chap had to wait for 20 long years to get his share of houris. Even after the rejection of mercy pleas, there were last-minute efforts to stop that hero from reaching god”. “Then how can we continue our most effective recruitment campaign? These crazy liberals, they don’t even realize that they are doing greater damage to our industry by not letting a convict die. And they talk about the idea of India!“, he exclaimed.

“My goodness! the 1993 attack had given birth to the idea of serial attacks to many terrorist organizations. If that inspiring genius doesn’t deserve the luxuries of heaven, then who does? This is the worst punishment that any brother can get,” he cried. “That’s why, we are keeping India out of our maps, till we come with a better plan”, he signed off.