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Brahmins agitate for reservation, claiming they are the real backward class

25, Feb 2016 By jaat

Delhi. After recent “quite” successful Jaat protests, the Brahmins considered to be on the top the social strata have started demanding reservation claiming their ancestors were backward classes.

Protesting for reservation
Demonstrating protesting for reservation

“It all started in 200 AD our ancestors were the most backward class not only in India but in the world until someone from our family decided to study and take Brahmin as his profession. You see it was not a choice, we were never allowed to go back to be OBC”, said over enthusiastic Bania Mishra, a student of History at JNU.

“We were promised reservation by Lord Ram and we performed the Ashwamegha Yagya for him but the opposition parties did not allow it”, said Arjun Pandit a research scholar at JU. The brahmins had decided to have demonstrations throughout the country. The Brahmins took over the railway tracks and tried to stop a train, but none of them knew how to stop the train so they decided to outsource such task to the Jats and Gurjars who are considered to be experts in the field.

Some protesters burned a state roadways bus, but instead of shouting slogans for Brahman Ekta, they were seen chanting Gayatri Mantra, some Brahmins even went around the fire 7 times.