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Boys taking advance salary to retain girlfriends on Valentine’s Day

13, Feb 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Sources tell Faking News that youth across the nation have been demanding advance salary from their employers on the eve of Valentine’s Day to meet the expectation of their girlfriends and/or wives.

“Asking for advance salary may anger my boss and he may fire me,” Rohan, a sales executive still hopeful to get his March salary explained, “I am ready to take the risk of losing my job, but can’t risk losing my girlfriend!”

Valentine's Day
The reporter couldn’t find a girl that settled for such gifts on Valentine’s Day

Our reporter asked one pretty girl what was her expectation on 14th Feb from her boy friend or fiancée, and she said, “Actually it’s a bit difficult to make a list of things, as I’m confused between gadgets and jewellery, but still, you can see this list that lists just a dozen articles. Blackberry 10 is at 10th place! Hehe…”

After searching for 10 hours, this reporter could find a girl that had only 5 items on her list:

1) Blackberry 10 or iPhone 5 (All my friends have iPhone 3, so I want something which they don’t have!) 2) Same Dress which Alia Bhatt had in Student of the Year movie 3) Lot of Chocolates (Chocopologie and Noka Brands) 4) A Red Rose 5) and Of course, Loads of Love!

Our reporter asked this girl if she had given such a short list to her boyfriend, to which she said, “Of course ! I have been reminding him since last Valentine’s Day! And he is already preparing for the same.”

Finally this reporter asked a boy how he was going to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. He said, “We all are going to request our employers for advance salary to meet the expectation of our girlfriends. If they will not give us advance salary then we may go on hunger strike like Anna!”