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Boys end up buying girl’s stuff as shopping carts get swapped in crowded supermarket

10, Mar 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Noida: A group of boys and a group of girls ended up taking home groceries of each other because their shopping carts accidentally got swapped at overcrowded supermarket in Sector 62 Noida.

Billing Counter
Kumbh mela

While the store management was not bothered since every item in the misplaced carts was billed and paid, the workers told that the crowded billing counter was the real reason behind the mishap. Billu, the clerk at billing counter told that victims were a group of 3 girls and another of 4 boys whose trollies were interchanged.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ contacted both the groups and tried to understand their side of story.

Amit from group of boys told us “After coming home we started taking out stuff only to realize that something went wrong. At first we tried guessing who among us could have put the pink colored iPhone5 cover in shopping cart? Then slowly, nail polish (5 of same red color… can you imagine?) and lipsticks started coming out of the bag. Then I looked at the bill and it occurred to me that our trolley was swapped with some girl’s shopping cart. Actually the supermarket was jam packed and it was difficult to navigate shopping cart to the billing counter. After 30 minutes of struggle I somehow reached there. While at the billing counter I saw this really hot chick standing next to me, filling up a lucky draw coupon. I couldn’t take my eyes off her until billing clerk asked me Sir Cash or Card? For a moment I wondered why the bill amount was so much but then I swiped the card and forgot about the bill. That’s when it might have happened.”

Meghna from group of girls told us, “We were shocked to see 8 cans of Red Bull, 6 Axe deodorants and 3 Mouthwash bottle coming out of our bags. Soon we realized that when I was filling up lucky draw coupon, the cart got swapped with boys. Oh God I spent 1.5 hour finding nail polishes of 5 different shades of Pink to wear in office Monday through Friday. Now I have to redo that Aaaghhh!!! Only good thing is that those boys had picked Maggie, so at least we don’t have to worry about dinner.”

Meanwhile boys also had something to cheer about. “Thank god those girls had picked Maggie; at least we have something to eat tonight”.

But some unknown girls are having fun with your Red Bull asked Shaitaan Khopdi™. “Yahi Soch to badalni hai. Why should boys have all the fun? Enjoy girls” said Amit while kicking Shaitaan Khopdi™ out of house.