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Boy starts farting on his birthday after being wished by his friend

22, Jul 2014 By rishavrc

Varanasi: Shaktipada Bhattacharya, a 16 year old boy had reportedly been farting all day long on his birthday, after his friend wished him, “Happy birthday. Enjoy your day and have a blast.”

Shaktipada in action.

When asked, Shakti’s mother elaborated that her son had been farting until his birthday passed by. She added, “Right after the phone call of his bosom friend Sreshtha, he took out all the radishes from the refrigerator, munched them and started to blow non-stop farts. I had to provide gas masks to all the invitees of his birthday party and had to buy a dozen bottles of air fresheners to keep the unpleasant reek at bay. The air conditioners have also broken down, but the local service providers have refused to send their technicians to our residence.”

However, Shaktipada stated the use of gas masks as “frivolous”. “I only blew noisy farts, and the noisy ones don’t stink at all. And even if they do, why are the air fresheners meant for? I just celebrated my day the way my best friend suggested me to.”

On the other hand, Sreshtha’s whereabouts have been unknown since the incident. The local police is also searching the vegetable seller who sold such fart-worthy radishes.

Around all the chaos, the only relief to Shaktipada is that Kalishwari Fireworks company has immediately contacted him for getting him into a service contract, as they see a huge potential in the structure of his alimentary canal to help in developing new age fire crackers, as the festive season approaches.