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Boy receives 'flying slipper' from mother after getting 'just' 9.8 CGPA in Class X exams

31, May 2015 By nmdis

New Delhi, India: After class X result declared on May 28th, 2015 a boy named Raju couldn’t dare to show his face to mother. Approximately three hundred thousand students appeared in 2014-15 CBSE exams and boys again outshone girls this year, but this boy was able to get only 9.8 CGPA.

When his family came to know about this tragic incident and while Raju was feeling ashamed (looking down towards the floor) suddenly a flying slipper hit him. After he got back to his conscious mind he came to know that it was his mother who threw the slipper at her.

The result after the exams
The result after the exams

Raju, currently is in shock and so ashamed that he dare not speak to our reporter Manisha. My Faking News personally investigated the incident and found that the boy usually spend time on social media.

We held a short interview with Raju’s mother to know more details, and her response was, “Beta kya bataun, main toh kehti thi iss nikkamme se, ki padh le yeh mobile phone tujhe marks nahi dega. Par yeh meri baat sunta kahan tha, har samah sirf button dabata rahta tha. Are main kehti na thi, yeh mobile barbaad kardega sabko. Ab maine ek din Raju se sart rakh li ki agar ye 10 CGPA nahi laya to main isse chappal se marungi. Toh bas yahi kiya maine, ab tum hi batao, tum apni maa ko tang karti ho?”

Our feelings are with Mr. Raju and we hope that he don’t make such bets again.

We talked to Deepika Padukon about the issue to know her views and she says, “It’s her choice, she can do what she wants to do with her son. We need to empower women. I stand with her and every mother should do what she wants to do, at last it’s their choice.”

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal declared it an issue of national importance and blamed Central government’s Digital India project. Further, he said, “Main kehta nahi tha, sab mile huain hai, yeh central government, Modi Sarkar hamare bacho ka future khatam kar rahi. Isseliye humne iske khilaf dharna karnae ka faisla kiya hai. Hum sab Raju ke sath hain!” 

Raju’s school refuses to take any responsibility of it, they are  blaming Raju’s mischievous behavior in school. | Iti Shree