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Boy dumped after watching Gunday, goes on protest

20, Feb 2014 By Abhishek

In a bizarre turn of events, Amit, a Bangalore based IT employee, took to protests outside a local movie theater screening the latest Bollywood offering, Gunday. The 24 year old claims that his girlfriend broke up with him after watching the first day night show of the movie on Valentine’s Day.

A heartbroken Amit shared his sad story with us, “It was a perfect evening. We had an early dinner and went for the movie. I am not a big fan of cinema but my girlfriend is a movie-freak. It was a surprise I had planned for her. Everything was going well until we finally came out of the theater where it all went wrong.”

Lethal for relationships
Lethal for relationships

“She asked me why don’t I have some kind of a bromance going on in my life. She was upset that I don’t have a best friend hitting on her at the same time. She argued that a lack of a bromance in my life has made her think whether she is sexy enough to woo two guys at a time and whether I give her the correct amount of attention. I couldn’t figure out when she got the time to think all of that, given that we were inside the movie theater watching the movie till 5 minutes back.”

“I tried to convince her that movies are all fiction, nothing really happens the way they show it. Defeated on that front, I even promised to go unshaven and grow hair all over my face, just like Ranveer Singh, but she wouldn’t listen. Helpless, I had to remind her how she gradually made me cut away from all my friends. I tried to explain that the only real friends I have was her and the probably the office gatekeeper whose lighter I borrow daily to light up my smokes. That sadly, was the biggest mistake I made as she broke up with me then and there,” recalls Amit.

The media had caught up with this frenzy when someone reported a man standing in front of a theater with a can of petrol in his hand, probably trying to burn himself down. Much to the disappointment of many, Amit clarified that the petrol was for his bike parked at office. Amit believes it was the doing of theater owner who must have floated this rumor to attract more people here. He did report of a man selling tickets at a lower price to people gathered around him.

Upon asking what does Amit hope to achieve through his protest, he said he wants the film industry to realize that by making these kind of movies they are driving a wedge in relationships of people. He is also of the opinion that when a common man could become CM of Delhi using protests and dharnas as his weapons of choice, why can’t he evoke a response from Bollywood and win his girl back in the process.

Being the lone protester himself, when the context of lack of support for his cause was brought up, Amit informed us that he has created an event on Facebook and that he has sent out invites to all his Facebook friends to RSVP and share. He hopes that at least a few of them turn up by the end of the week.