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Boy did not mention ‘Diwali is the festival of lights’ in Diwali Essay, failed to clear language examination.

15, Nov 2015 By The Satire Sadhu

In very recent incident at Garbadpur, Bihar; a 12 year old boy Prakash has failed in language paper. The incident looking very normal though, has created a lot of buzz around media. Prakash is a very intelligent student as per his mother and previous mark sheets.

While, to get more details about the incident Mr Kuch B Fenku visited Prakash’s mother Deepmala, she said, “Till last year we were in Delhi. Prakash was very good in academics. But as Prakash’s father is in Election committee, we got transferred to Bihar this year. We enrolled Prakash in one of the top school of Garbadpur, Shri RM Vidhayalaya (Ratta Marle Vidhyalaya). Previously, he has never ever failed in any exam in the history of his school career. What makes him more unique is that he always used to come in first 10 (In the class of 15, given that 5 students are absent) “

Prakash writing essay on Diwali sincerely.
Prakash writing essay on Diwali sincerely.

When Faking News Reporters visited Prakash’s teacher Chicku-kumar; he said, “The kid does not even knows basics of essay writing. God knows how he used to pass previously. In the winter examination, we asked simplest of essay on Diwali Festival. All guiding materials and essay books has this essay. It is not like we are asking something out of syllabus.

When I check answer sheets, I go through the essay paragraphs randomly , to  find out some sentences to get the idea that this kid has mugged up from which note or which material, so I put marks accordingly and move forward to next paper. And whatever essay a student has written there is always a sentence like “Diwali is the festival of lights. “ I mean that should be. It is like you have egg in omlet. This kid has written almost 250 words for 200 word essay but he didn’t even have knowledge that it is festival of lights. And he has mentioned all the ridiculous stuff like, significance of Diwali and festival like this and cleanliness of atmosphere. I mean, how someone can write like that. It is an essay; it is not something that you make up! “

He further added, “ Checking his answer sheet , led me to very frustrating level , I had to go through unnecessary words , I even read the entire essay in search of the sentence “ Diwali is the festival of lights” which led me to the peak disappointment of my career. “

The principal of Shri R M Vidyalaya, Chuck-Chickumar , who is said to be chuck Norris of Garbadpur said, “The quality of students is decreasing day by day. Instead of reading the ready material, they are making up their own answers. What do they think, is this an engineering paper? Our teachers have to go, more number of teas to check this kind of answer sheets. And school result also decreases. “

Political parties seem not to have missed this occasion to validate their statements. AAP has said that as the kid is from Delhi and that is why he did not know that Diwali is festival of lights. As in Delhi electricity is free and we do not have lights lighten up only on Diwali. It is routine for us.

BJP is telling the other way that, ‘ this is what the level of education in Bihar is. Where other states are in the era of Make-in-India; in Bihar students can’t even make their own essays. ‘

People helping students to write essay on Diwali so that incident like Prakash's don't occur
People helping students to write essay on Diwali so that incident like Prakash’s don’t occur

Congress leader Dig-Vijaysingh said,’ Rahul has already answered this through his behavior. We are in favor of open books exam so that this kind of incident will never occur and then Rahul Gandhi can also take cheat-sheets in assembly without media creating fuss.”

Soon to be Bihar CM, Mr. Need-This Kumar said,’Shri RM Vidhyalaya follows Central Board Syllabus. So Modi must take the responsibility of this incident and resign.

Praksh’s friend and next –sitter Deepak has copied the entire essay from him but he passed the examination. Chicku-kumar said that, “Reading the couple of sentence only I got that it is copied from Prakash. So, it saved my time. So I gave him marks. Also, it proves that he has some essential qualities like, if you do not know something take help from others. “”While as Prakash did not know that and made up things. This is intolerable.

Note : This article is complete imagination and has been written as satire and to generate humor and does not intentionally point to any person or organization or anything.