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Boy changes Facebook username after being prophesied by Godman

23, Mar 2014 By thatsallfolks

Bangalore. The technological hub of the nation dooms under the prophecies of various Godman and the newly emerging, “Normal Baba”, who claims himself to be have been born out of the barks of a tree.

Normal Baba
Normal Baba

Arvind, 17, a boy of class 11 decides to change his name from Arvind Crazy to Arvind Krazy after being told by Normal Baba that he will get a girlfriend if his name starts from K and not from C. Normal baba, also said that all the single-hood Arvind has faced so far in his life was due to that C in his name. Normal Baba proclaims himself as the direct descendant of Formal Baba.

Formal Baba was prosecuted in the Karnataka HC earlier this year and now God has sent Normal Baba to accomplish what was left incomplete by Formal Baba.

“I have not charged a single rupee for my counsels, all they have to do is come and ask for my opinion. You sit and listen to me. I am person who has seen the world from the above and I know what all is going on in your mind. I am almost God”, Normal Baba upon being interviewed by our Reporter Kranti.

Kranti also added that he was not influenced by Normal Baba to edit certain portions of his interviews. Reporter Kranti calls this Godman’s thoughts as ‘Krantikari’. Later, as he was not just satisfied with one time, he also added ‘Bohot Krantikari’.

Arvind Crazy. . . Krazy has now changed his relationship status from Single to In a relationship. The world awaits a new Godman who can really bring in some Kranti.