Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Box to stop corruption at govt offices

01, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why do the government officials fear with a complaint box set at the Collectorate here? This is so because it receives various complaints against their apathy towards the distressed people. The District Magistrate will see to the complaints dropped inside this rectangle box. This yellow coloured box allows the people to drop their respective complaints along with concrete evidence. This is proof enough to start a battle against the alleged corruption prevailing at the administrative offices here. It can be a dexterous tool to manage the deceitful ways of the government officials.

Even the District Magistrate S P Singh cleared that stern action would be initiated against the erring officials in case the complaints are found correct. This box makes the viability of penetrating into delicate devious circumstances over which the district administration has so far little control in an emphatic way. However, the box has been placed to bring improvement into the dismal situation.

As this arrangement has been done for the first time, this brings a strong feeling of fear among the district level administrative officials. What has to be kept in mind is that the complainant should pour complaints with the complete evidence. If the prompt action begins on the complaints coming into the diagonal wooden box, there is no doubt of control over the dishonest ways. A fresh kind of terror will thus develop among the state government’s alleged erring officials if their dubious ways get exposed through the common people’s complaints.

This stiff timber box will bring transparency into working of the government servants and ultimately check the hydra-headed monster of corruption. The futility of the box will come before the public if it fails to achieve its purpose. Although the arrangement of the complaint box is nothing new yet it indicates of action in some positive direction for lessening the people’s problems. There is need to hope for the best results.