Monday, 19th February, 2018

Bottled Air Business: Mallya ready to invest 9,000 crore

16, Jun 2017 By ani

There’s a Canadian company that has brought out a bottled pure air product line. If you cannot think of any other way to breathe fresh air then try their products at least once.

We have news that an NRI living in London is also keen to invest in the budding business. Vijay Mallya who is famous for his business sense particularly in India and is revered as a role model by all honest politicians and babus. He also runs the profitable KingFisher Airlines which has now crossed the $1 billion in profits for the last quarter. Taking a liking for the bottled air business because of the commonality it shares with his airline business i.e both deal in air! Our trusted sources have revealed that Mallya plans to invest big as he feels the idea would be a big hit given the pollution levels in India. If reports are to be believed he is ready to invest over INR 9,000 crores to setup an air bottling plant. The source of funding, Mallya revealed is the interest he gets per year for the loans he has given to Indian PSU banks over the years.

When asked about the place where he would setup the bottling plants; Mallya revealed to have not planned it yet but hopefully it would be somewhere around London.