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Bollywood files intellectual right violation case against Indian political parties

24, Mar 2014 By khakshar

The Indian Film Industry has filed for intellectual right violation  case in Supreme Court of India.

“It’s wrong”

Film  Producers Guild has hired Mr.Ram Jethmalani to represent itself. The choice of the veteran lawyer is based upon his penchant for revolutionary and Bollywood like  quotes.

The producer guild seems to be asking for compensation from Indian Political parties on two grounds. The Indian film Industry has always been peeved at Politics hijacking some of the famous and in demand actors and actresses  like Satrughan Sinha, Ravi Kishen, Gul Panag, Kiran Kher, Kamal Khan e.t.c.

The water is flowing above the head in run up to General Elections 2014 says the spokesperson Sanjay Leela Bhainsali. He clarifies that  the problem of talented persons joining politics from film Industry is old, a new phenomenon of hijacking scripts and sets by political parties has emerged.

The family drama scripts and  lost-found scripts have been taken over by the political class. The script thefts are  quite evident in inner intrigues of parties and in candidature of  new faces in Parliamentary seats.