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Boarding Mumbai local now mandatory under military training program

29, Nov 2013 By grittynomad

General S K Rathore, who is well known for introducing innovative training methods in Indian Army has recently passed guidelines regarding some major changes in the military training curriculum.

Traveling on the edge.
Traveling on the edge.

Surprised by the inclusion of ‘boarding Mumbai locals during peak hours’ as one of the mandatory training to be imparted to all the Jawans, our Faking news reported approached General S K Rathore to understand the rationale behind this decision.

General Rathore told our correspondent that boarding Mumbai locals during peak our will lead to building rock solid mental and physical strength of our troops. It is one of the most exhausting drills that we could think of.

It will be instrumental in building patience, vigor, punctuality and an ability to read newspapers in extremely crammed up areas. Media was shocked to learn that the toughest level of training will comprise of Jawans boarding 2nd class of Virar fast at 7 pm. All the Jawans passing this highest level of training will be straight away promoted to the rank of Captain.

Our correspondent interviewed a few Jawans to know their views about introduction of new training program of boarding local trains in Mumbai.

“I am quite nervous, I have never come across such a difficult training session in my life. Fighting battles in Siachen, crossing valleys and climbing steep ice laden mountains now look easier in front of this”, said Lieutenant Sharma from Delhi. He concluded by saying that the only solace is that now we are heading to the Bollywood city  and we might get a chance to meet Katrina Kaif.