Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Board examinees told to shun rice!

18, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

‘Avoid consuming rice before the examinations’, advised the class teacher. She left the classroom after taking a last glance at the smiling, spirited students. It seemed okay to the students but they did just not really like it. They were looking at one another with a strange smile on their respective faces. Their eyes take on a wonderful look.

They have a feeling of changing position or sliding back at one point in time. They thought that the cold air definitely bites into the open gaps of their plain uniforms but putting control on rice eating is really unkind.

They were finding themselves stuck between to eat or not to eat the rice if their teacher has essentially instructed them through her pedagogic, instructive words in the strictest manner. Surely the rice is not in any way distracting their attention or concentration or total focus on the study required on the eve of the examinations.

The meek and obedient students were supposed to be waddling through uncertainty. Their glowing faces were turning pale from pink. Their shiny hairs were also becoming darkish. They tried to absorb the teacher’s words through the plain propinquity.

What is the direct connection of the rice eating with the Board examinations? How could they do this if they were habitually eating that common crumb? The students certainly needed the robust body with attention-grabbing mind during the exam time.

Moreover, their inner soul was not allowing them to be deprived of one of the basic indigenous foods. They were, however, unable to settle. What they were suggested was not an obligation.

They were resting their heads as it seemed to them their prospect of success or failure in the final examinations was rested on just forbidding rice. Anyhow, they were endeavouring hard to get through their final examinations.