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BMTC bus drivers resume strike for traffic free roads

25, Jul 2016 By Arijit Dey

Bengaluru. In a surprising turn of events, BMTC Absolute Daring And Caring Humanitarian Urban Transport In Yelahanka Authority (sources warned not to abbreviate the organisation’s name) resorted to resume the strike by agitated bus drivers. The said workers’ union implemented the strike on Bengaluru commuters popular demand.The decision came after reports of safe roads and less traffic durng the days of strike.

Mr. Jammunath Dehge, chief of the said organisation, had this to say to our correspondent, “We thought papa office-goers will face harassment and difficulties for work commutes. However, what actually happened is that there are much fewer traffic jams, black smokes and the call for undying love to mothers and sisters in the air. The situation quickly changed after calling-off the strike. What’s worse, people won’t even realise that the strike has been lifted. In fact, the only commuters on the bus were the black smokes from other buses, and in some cases, some of their own. Which would have been fine if they bought the tickets but sadly they don’t. Hence we are resuming the strike.”

Mrs Kanjeet Maur, a Bengaluru resident residing on the moon (sources call the place Whitefield) feels relieved. “I am as relieved as a person reaching KIA Airport and realising the flight is yet to take-off. Earlier i used to commute from ITPL to Malleshwaram which would take approximately 5 days (ironically the same time Apollo 13 took to reach Moon), excluding the time taken for parking and barking. Now it takes 4 days, including the extra hassles. This means that I can actually have poori sabji instead of BMTC bus air for dinner! Now I’ll definitely have less tar in my lungs than Mukesh”.

Meanwhile BDA (Bada Doglabaaz Authority) is planning to start rope-way services from Silk Board to Hebbal to ease congestion.