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BMC hires Dhinchak Pooja to compose a rap as a response to RJ Malishka’s BMC Rap

26, Jul 2017 By glaximusmaximus

Mumbai: Following a heavy backlash for suing RJ Malishka from RED FM for her famous BMC rap about the city’s potholes, the country’s most hard[ly] working municipal corporation has decided to respond the popular RJ by composing a counter-rap.

After RJ Malishka’s recent announcement that she has six more songs ready for the release, the civic body has decided to gear up and gather all its employees to tackle the menace of constant criticism through a creative form.

According to our sources, one of the employees of the  Brihanmumbai  Municipal Corporation (BMC) has vehemently confirmed the news stating   ‘Yes! It is true, if we let these people like RJ Malishka get off easily then we will have to face a horde of people criticizing us.’

BMC wants people to roam on Mumbai roads like Dhinchak Pooja
BMC wants people to roam on Mumbai roads like Dhinchak Pooja

He further stated that to put an end to this rap videos being uploaded by every individual and group supporting RJ Malishka they have decided to compose our own rap as a measure to counter this nuisance.

BMC has appeared to have drawn support from Shiv Sena and for this mega-musical-project they have even been allotted a whopping budget of INR 420 crores.

BMC officers have utilized the budget by hiring, according to the civic body, the most sassiest, popular and bankable rapper Dhinchak Pooja.

Mr. Siddharth Jadhav, Co-Incharge of the sub-urban areas for BMC also went to say “we were contemplating to get Baadshah, Yo Yo Honey Singh or even Baba Sehgal, but in the general body meeting we zeroed in Dhinchak Pooja as her rap will lead to nausea, earache, indigestion, irritable bowels and so forth, we will flood her rap over all social media networks, T.V. channels and radio stations. After all we had to allocate the budget of 420 crores in a proper way.’  The statement was followed by a wink from Mr. Jadhav

He further added ‘After the storming of  Dhinchak Pooja’s rap – titled ‘Khaddeh Maine Nahi Dekhe Aaj’ which translates to I haven’t seen any pothole today –  people will be so busy in finding cure for the sickness caused by her song that citizens will get no time to criticize BMC or the potholes or any abject state of the roads in the city.’

Calling this idea as masterstroke Shiv Sena has green-lit the project and also released an excerpt of Dhinchak Pooja’s new rap in the  party meeting following which the party members who attended the gathering have complained over the issue of constant  ear and nose bleeding.

On enquiring about taking corrective measure for the potholes, Mr. Jadhav infuriated over the question and challenged fervently  to show him any pothole today. He mentioned ‘Arre baba! What you see on the road are not potholes, those roads are deliberately caved in by our men so we can harvest rain water and citizens including office goers and children can wash their face, hands and feet while waiting in the traffic so they can avoid waiting for a long time to reach home and then freshen up. Samazhlaa? Jai Maharashtra!’