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BMC to charge people extra for potholed roads, compares them to rollercoasters

29, Sep 2016 By natasha

Mumbai. Brihanmumbai municipal corporation has decided to charge everyone traveling on potholed roads ₹100 extra because of the rollercoaster-like experience it provides. Comparing themselves to amusement parks like Imagica, the BMC believes they are rather cheap for a ride on an almost-rollercoaster.

Experience beyond Imagica and Esselwrold
“Experience beyond Imagica and Esselwrold”

“People pay thousands for this ride in amusement parks. We are giving the same experience of unexpectedly moving up and down, on the roads itself. They get to experience the same anxiety, adrenaline rush, fear (for their car, most likely) and joy (if their car is not damaged by the end of it), like they do on a rollercoaster. Why shouldn’t we charge them if amusement parks can? We’ve decided to start with ₹100, we may increase it by next monsoon, when the roads will have larger potholes”, said a BMC spokesperson.

Everyone is always complaining about the condition of the roads, so the BMC has decided to use it to their advantage. They highlight several other advantages of potholes, a major one being the decrease in speeding. With the number of potholes on the roads, it’s impossible to drive with a speed greater than 20 km/hr, without damaging your car. This has greatly reduced speeding incidents. “Do you ever see dangerous car chases on Mumbai roads like those in Hollywood movies? Does anyone thank us for that? No! All they want to do is complain! We put all their bribes to good use, practically giving them an amusement park right on the road and all they do is badmouth us”, rages a BMC official.

The BMC has also approved of an increase in the number of rickshaws on the streets. They are doing this to further increase the driver’s anxiety levels, for a more authentic rollercoaster experience.

Nothing says life threatening journey more than Mumbai roads. Apart from a rollercoaster, of course.