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‘Black money list’ induces nostalgia amongst high and mighty

29, Oct 2014 By thefunnybone

Delhi:  Hours after the Supreme Court ordered the central government to name all those who have money stashed abroad, the high and mighty of India are known to have gone into a severe bout of nostalgia. Several top industrialists and politicians are known to have called long lost friends after decades as the ‘black list’ reminded them of their college days.

A well known Delhi based liquor baron said, “The last time I felt so excited and nervous about any such list was in my first year junior college, when the college authorities were to come out with the list of those who did not have 50 per cent attendance. So many years and scandals later, when the government said they will reveal the black list, my teenage years came flooding back to me.”

Black Money

Riding full throttle into nostalgia, the liquor baron said, “I remember how we had the custom of checking each other’s name on the list- never our own- believing that it brought us some luck. I called up Vicky immediately to request him to check my name on the list like the old times, but I was told he was murdered a few years back.” He added, “I then called up a few other friends, some of whom were alive and two who were sober. They too told me that it was after a long time that they felt the excitement and nervousness of the days of yore. I believe achche din are coming back.”

A high flying bookie also told Faking News said he along with a few other friends were going to have a night out. “During college times, the day before our results were to come, we would sleep over at a friend’s place to relieve the stress. We would place bets on who would fail in how many subjects. Who thought the anxiety fighting exercise would turn out to be a career for me?” He added, “Even tonight we will place bets on who will make it. Only this time it will have to be an all white affair.”

A politician requesting who changed his caller tone and ring tone to yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shohrat bhi le lo after the announcement confirmed the trend saying there is no price tag on getting back lost youth. “They say nothing can get your youth back. While I may have made it big, I still miss my young days. Tonight, however, even if for a few hours, I feel the excitement of a young man. He added, “I remember after my name appeared in three defaulters list consecutively my angry father had said that after having shamed him locally, I will someday shame him on the national stage. I think the time has come. I miss my father,” the politician broke into tears and requested to be let alone.