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Black money hunt underneath parliament

01, Nov 2013 By fakemale

Unnao/ Uttar Pradesh The esoteric sadhu Sobhan Sarkar is in the news again, earlier he sparked a gold rush by claiming to have dreamed the location of a buried gold treasure in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, is the same who had predicted in 2012 that will form government in the state.

Fingers crossed.

This time the above sixty years claims that he dreamed the location of the so-called ‘Black Money’ which is buried underneath the national parliament situated in the capital city of India.

Sources told Faking News that the central government has given the requisite orders to ASI to begin with the preliminary investigation as the parliament is disuse.

The ASI experts have made it clear that they would go extremely slow when it comes to digging. They have advised the workforce not to dig more than three feet in eight hours as it will rupture the exquisite parliament flooring.

By the calculation of the seer Sobhan Sarkar, the head priest of revered Shobhan temple, and the Geographical Survey of India (GSI) mapping, the ASI would need to dig 35 metres or close to 80 foot.

Shobhan Sarkar does not like to be photographed and prefers not to be in the limelight. He doesn’t listen to news bulletins but keeps getting updates on his newly bought iphone 5.

Meanwhile, Android market has asked his development team to develop an application – Black Money Rush. Its earlier version ‘Gold Rush’ became an instant success after the previous excavation in Unnao district.