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Black Money From Liechtenstein with Love Thro' a Tunnel

01, Nov 2014 By khakshar

The Enforcement Directorate is in for big times ahead. Special Investigation Team seems to be a Modi and my Editor  like task master. The SIT will establish the amount in different accounts and push the ED for recovery. Analogy with editors choosing stories and asking correspondents like @khakshar to fetch news  bones can easily be drawn.

Mr.Boond Boond Gupta and Mr.RangaNathan of ED are wary of the the task ahead. The duo met Swamy an expert on both financial and legal matters. It’s learnt that Swamy gave them a patient hearing and appreciated the tough road ahead. He also asked the two to meet Baba Ramdev, another expert on Black Money dynamic evaluation , the value of which  changes from  day to day. Swamy had another reason to guide them to Babji. Babaji’s disciple VaidikJi  had worked for change of heart of  a terrorist kingpin in Pakistan and nearly succeeded.

Babaji has taken  the duo  under his guidance with glee. He has contacted Police officials of Haryana to allow the duo to meet ,the Locker Robbers. A covert and detailed plan to build a tunnel from Haridwar to Liechtenstein and Switzerland seems to be the only alternative. Babaji can use his knowledge of Hariyanvi to good use in reforming the Tunnel Diggers. Some even doubt that the Haryana Tunnel was a prototype of larger things to come.

The Finance Ministry is excited  and has named the plan “Haryana Halloween” as the plan is approved on 31st October -All Saints’ Day.In the excitement,  The Ministry  even forgot to send officials to attend ” Financial Document Exchange  Agreement ” meet.

Many home ministry  officials in Government are excited too as the tunnel will pass under Pakistan.