Friday, 20th April, 2018

Black Money accuses government of racism

03, Nov 2014 By Postman Chacha

Switzerland. Infuriated by the recent decline in its stature due to government practices, Black Money today accused government of racism and lodged a formal complaint against them.

“Why are they treating me differently, is it because I am black?” asked Black Money while talking to our reporters.


Ministers from other parties also criticized government for this step. While talking to us minister from a national party said that they held black money in highest respect and always had a soft spot for them when they were in government for 60 years. And suddenly the new government was giving them a sense of insecurity, which was not good and was against the financial harmony of hoarders.

One of the ministers from the ruling party while talking to us, off-record, said that this all matter is wrongly put by media, and they have as much love for Black Money as any other minister or bureaucrat or businesssman. “That’s why we have not given the names of people who have huge amount of black money, but only of those who have been cheap in respecting this black beauty.”

While government is reeling under pressure from many political parties and bureaucrats in this matter, it has found strong allies in form of  fairness products, washing powder and toothpaste companies.

We have no further intimation were this strange case will go, but rest assured that common man in India would not be much affected and will continue paying heavy taxes to support those who have black money.