Sunday, 25th February, 2018

BJP wouldn't perform road-shows looking at Petrol Prices

28, Sep 2017 By AK

In the purview of steep Petrol and Diesel prices, PM Narendra Modi called an emergency meeting with all his cabinet members.

Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India briefed all the honorable ministers about the current situation. While he was justifying the rising oil prices and blaming the UPA-2 for it, PM Modi lost his temper. Looking at the upcoming Gujarat Legislative election, Modi anticipates that the BJP wouldn’t be able to perform road-shows and may lose it’s battle ground; to which Home Minister Rajnath Singh did ‘bhaari ninda’.

While FM Arun Jaitley was trying to justify the high oil prices and why can’t India get Petrol or Diesel into the GST tax slabs, Environmental Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan intervened-“Why do we have to import oil from the Gulf countries? India will show the world the benefits of ‘Panchgavya’. We can launch Gau-Mutra car engines.”

Arun Jaitley didn’t like Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s objection and tried to control his anger.

Uma Bharti, who busy weaving a saffron sweater for the coming winters(pun intended), asked the Finance Minister to repeat all the lines in Hindi for her better understanding.

In the meanwhile, the security alarms went on and the security staff warned the ministers about a drunk old fellow, who was quarreling with the gate staff to enter the cabinet meeting. The guy was none other than Subramaniam Swamy’s biggest follower, Mr. Subramaniam Swamy, himself.

PM Modi directed the cabinet, not to pay any heed to him and to keep the pointless discussion continued.

After an hour of repetitive explanations by the FM Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi shared a forwarded Whatsapp joke, mocking Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu, with the cabinet. The whole cabinet burst into laughter, except the I&B Minister Smriti Irani(2014 Amethi).

The discussion was brought to an end, after an argument struck off between Arun Jaitley and the Union Minister Dr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. Dr. Ravi Shankar Prasad suggested to make the linking of Aadhaar to Vehicle’s RC number, as a compulsion to reduce the demand of oil and bring down the prices.