Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Birthday bash swells common sense

16, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: He was considering over the impressive gifts. But he was not able to think up the method helping him secure the gifts pack. No sooner than he approached his friend Saad, an idea struck into his big-sized head. Such positive idea never flashed into this child’s brains. He has not even read this thing in his nursery class book but it was overheard by him somewhere. But he was uncertain in remembering the precise situation when he grasped this erudite piece of information. When he told his heart’s desire to his loving parents, they readily agreed to his sociable demand. He did not visualise of his birthday party on a very striking scale. This was really now taking place as his parents and relatives were approvingly observing the occasion.

An outdoor place was arranged for this splendid celebration and so many non-veg dishes were ready for the cheerful guests invited to the special experience. The little boy was pleased with securing the brand new cycle which he always wished to receive as the gift and his joys knew no bounds. He brought every important item to show his friend who was also invited by him. That infantile child was in a satisfying mood as his wish was fulfilled. The little fatty child dressed in special dress showed his gifted wrist watch to his little friends. He looked quite confident on the day. His friends were playing with him. The fatty boy was too happy to get different gifts.

Unhappily his temper began to become undulating because of his favourite candy’s loss during the course of celebrations. Concerned with this loss, that six-year-old boy gently approached his father for another piece. But his concern was mainly focussed on attending the guests, therefore he avoided the answer. ‘Now you do not be such a prized idiot,’ said his mother at his incessant wail over the loss of his only candy amidst the party. As he was not a gluttonous boy his eating habit centred around sundry delicious things. Sitting down on a red-coloured plastic chair, this fat, jolly son grinning all over his face was continuously pressurising his mother for another piece of candy. His mother’s inattention led the little boy to look rather blank disturbingly. The mom-of-the-two even decided to devote her complete attention at the birthday celebrations.

The royal families’ practice has now seeped into every household as a customary practice. It is observed on a majestic scale while some are distancing from its observance while others are enjoying it completely. Happiness and contentment prevail all over upsetting none needlessly. Nowadays, the birthday celebrations are more vital for the social get-together. One may embark on by being too generous to go after a custom and stop by being too small in carrying out the particular tradition. A practice may start as a very human fault and end as a vindictive weakness.

These professed points might only lead to disparity in our traditional society. A poor rickshaw puller insisted upon impracticality of the social equality. He envisioned such parity was impossible in the practical terms. While a labourer thought about a life very arduous and complicated. He worked hard from the morning till the evening but his displeasure with the agonies of life could not end. The poor could not cultivate extravagant mannerism in such condition. Indeed, the birthday party does not delight everyone observing one’s birthday plentifully and big-heartedly.