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Birds in Kashmir receive death threat for singing

04, Feb 2013 By docsuppandi

Jammu: In an exclusive interview to Faking News, bird groups in the Kashmir valley have claimed that they been been receiving death threats for singing.

Bulbul’s cousin was shot dead for not heeding to the warning

Kokila, a cuckoo from Jammu said, “I was singing on the top of a tree when a bunch of men walked to my tree and pointed a gun at me. They said that if I continued singing, they would shoot me dead. They even tried to kidnap my eggs, but luckily I had hidden them in a crows nest.”

Bulbul, a Robin told Faking news about his cousin who was shot dead for not heeding to the death threats and continuing to sing. Bulbul’s cousin had uploaded a video of his song on YouTube. He had received death threats and was warned to remove the video from the social media site. When he refused to do so, a couple of men came to his nest and killed him.

Hans, a swan from the Dal lake has threatened to leave the state and move to some secular country if the death threats don’t stop. “Hussain has done it and Hans will also have to do it,” he said to our reporter.

However some bird groups have said belittled these threats. Kalia, a crow said, “We crows have been receiving death threats for our singing all over the world. This is not new for us.”