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Bihar to start Education Tourism after cheating pics go viral

21, Mar 2015 By khakshar

Patna. The commando type training session showcasing guardians of Matriculation examinees at Bihar schools  is gaining rounds on Media and Social Media.

Bihar State Government is not amused by the coverage of mass copying which is accompanying the different adventures taken by guardians. A senior minister was quite vocal about the selective reporting. However he was also much excited. He has proposed linking of Education with Tourism. The proposal will be a boost to state economy, he stated.

Cheating at exams
Adventure tourism at its best

It will be called Buddhu circuit on the lines of Buddha-Mahavira circuit.

The name should not to be confused with what Subramanian Swami calls a prodigal political heir. The proposal will include a family package with 70 Percent guarantee of the ward clearing the Matriculation Exam. The rest of family meanwhile can indulge in adventure sports.

The persons accompanying the examinees can avail fourth floor climbing on pipes and parapets, rope tied chit throw and bamboo guided messages. Aiming at the right candidate from ventilator, keeping the treasure map at right place in toilet are added features.

However as with all seasonal adventure tourism, the proposed circuit comes with some risks. One of the risks involved is that the offer is limited. The other risk involved is that the adventure and flying colors may reduce considerably to 20% if exams are held under the supervision of Courts.

A first hand view of the much touted “Sushasan” will be of course on display. Peanuts to Police Constable will enable Uncles, Aunts and Sister in laws to enter the examination hall to check if the ward is comfortable. Invigilators can be befriended with mobile recharges and the same can be used to know the well being of the examinee.

A second view of “Sushasan” can be experienced when the Papers are being evaluated or when the marks are being tabulated. Ethnic on floor tours will also be arranged at proper time, clarified a high ranking official in Bihar Secondary Exam Board.

Added advantage of the tour will be coverage of Tarzan like activities of the Guest on TV programs like “SanSani”.