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Bihar: The new land of opportunities

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Nitish Kumar's Bihar is the new destination for mushrooming small trade and businesses
Nitish Kumar’s Bihar is the new destination for mushrooming small trade and businesses

Following the picture of the large scale malpractices being resorted to by students through the help from their parents, relatives and friends scaling multi-storied school building to pass on chits, a huge wave of opportunity has been seen by small and medium businessmen.

There has been a string of talented rock climbers and trekkers who are setting up institutes to train the parents of budding high school students in order to prepare them for the most difficult ‘climb’ of their lives. While the charges for the family members of students of Tenth standard is very ‘steep’, there are also long term courses for early starters like parents of wards in Seventh to get advanced wall climbing course. There is also a certification course in rope climbing and single hand grip for advanced chit providers.

With the sprouting of training institutions across the State of Bihar, the people from neighboring country Nepal have seen this as a potential for retired Himalayan climbers as an opportunity for reviving their sagging careers. Meanwhile viewing the tremendous potential and the need for financial assistance for the small businessmen a Nationalized Bank has instituted a Future Secure Loan called Bhavishya Margdarshak Rashi exclusively for the start-ups.

The burgeoning scope in the new industry has shaken the portals of power too, the Govt of Bihar has taken cognizance of the need for supporting the initiatives of the institutions and is likely to provide all technical support for the spread of the ‘knowledge’ and the benefit of the ‘experts in the field’ across the nook and corner of the state. While the opposition parties are crying foul at the rise of the ‘mal-practice industry’ and planning to take to the streets asking for curbing it, the ruling party allies have threatened to withdraw support if the Government does not confer ‘Industry’ status to the trade. The Government is also planning to introduce an alternate career scheme, wherein the Tenth class fail (in-spite of support from the chit suppliers) and drop outs will be given priority training in the special Rashtra Deewar Chadayi Prasheekshan Sansthan – state run training institutes.

Investors from Middle East countries are also coming forward to promote the industry and the need for use of technology and proper gear for the safety of the ‘climbers’. China is the first to seize the opportunity of providing cheap protective gears and has flooded the Bihar market with light weight helmets, soft imitation leather gloves, fiber reinforced knee pads and multiple pocket jackets to carry the chits.

Idea Internet Network is also introducing ‘exclusive’ short term video courses on wall climbing to their subscribers.

News coming in from our ‘sources’ say that many educated unemployed youth from Maharashtra are planning to ‘migrate’ to Bihar and ‘prop up’ their careers by taking up freelance profession of ‘climbers cum chit providers’, considering the dearth of educated helper parents in that state.

Political analysts in National media are seeing this as a ploy by the Shiv Sena as a pay back to the Biharis flooding in Mumbai.

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