Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Big fuss over politicians' promises

18, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Much ado about nothing seems to be a perfect proverb. In so many years we seem to have not progressed much. We seem absence of the development works at the grassroots level. Recently one politician expressed what was missed as a legislature would now be completed during his ministership. Now the constituency’s civic problems will be resolved with extra eagerness. When we read about persisting problems at the Ward level, it appears as nothing has been achieved in those seventy long years. The problems which persisted earlier still dominated at the municipal level. Where is the wheel of progress which our politicians again and again reiterate?  Non-functional hand pumps, choked drains, potholed roads, non-tiled streets, dumped garbage spots, the menace of stray animals, improper electric lights at the poles can still be seen.

It indicated that nothing has been initiated with the will to bring development. Only we are told about schemes and plans but the ground realities linger. The politicians show their full enthusiasm during the elections and later they themselves begin to forget what were promised by them. That’s why the meek public had to bear with the typical situation. The poor situation actually helps the clever politicians to contest the next elections on these pending issues and the afflicted people fall to their promises once again.

Before independence, the Congress party volunteers showed their passion for cleanliness and now the Bhartiya Janata Party avid workers are determined to clean the country in post-independence days. Yet, the change is not perceptible. The elections are still contested on civic issues. During pre-independence days there was a slogan of rivers of milk and curd will flow after independence. Nothing as such was seen in all these years. Now, development is the main point which gets entangled into a tardy pace of flawed economic policies.