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Big Bro is watching

27, Jul 2014 By Boka Bihari

The minister for information and broadcasting and environment Mr. Javadekar was on route to catch a flight . The Minister had opted to wear a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt for the journey.  Of course the minister had just started on an official visit to a Foreign country.  He received a call from the Prime Minister’s Office.  It was made clear to Mr.Javadekar that the attire did not match the position he held  by the PMO.

What surprised the minister most was the timing of the call.  He had barely travelled two kms from his residence en route airport. He was forced to change in more formal wear before setting on the foreign trip. It’s also rumored that some friends of Mr.Javadekar had organized  celebration on his being made a minister in some five star Hotel. Snippets of the celebrations were were telecast by some TV News channels. The PMO had not taken to the celebrations too kindly.

A firebrand MP from Delhi  was castigated by the Speaker and BJP leaders for his unruly conduct in Lok Sabha. Another MP’s statement on Brand Ambassador Sania  was ridiculed by the Party itself. The fortnightly diktats on behavior and conducts  of  Members of Parliaments by the Prime Minister himself has baffled many esteemed Peoples’ representative. Some are even contemplating joining Shiv Sena. Many of the BJP’s MPs now believe that their allies are enjoying the Picnic of “Parliament in Session” more . With pictures of Eleven Shiv Sena MPs make merry in the new made MahaRashtra Sadan doing the rounds , the ruling party’s MPs feel like missing the fun. What has further aggrieved them was the nap being enjoyed by opposition MPs in the Parliament.

Add to this the constant watch of Big Bro on them …. Poor Chaps…..

Even the Pets of The Ruling Party's MPs are Angry
Even the Pets of The Ruling Party’s MPs are Angry

The Great Leader catching up with dreams after a heavy lunch during Picnic
The Great Leader catching up with dreams after a heavy lunch during Picnic