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Bhopal Gas Tragedy to be used in campaign to attract FDI

04, Dec 2013 By thepelicanclub

In an out of the box move to kick start the economy and break the negativity and policy paralysis, the government of India has come up with a novel idea to attract FDI especially in manufacturing sector.

Safest place to invest.
Safest place to invest.

On the occasion of 29th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the government has announced a campaign to showcase the event as a classic case study of industry friendly policies of the Indian government.

The source familiar with the discussions surrounding this decision confirms that the campaign is indeed real. The source concede that foreign investors have either stayed away or moved out of secular India altogether due to policy paralysis (caused by CAG), lack of clarity or consistency (caused by coalition partners), pending legislation (caused by opposition party), Rahul Gandhi not being the PM (caused by Rahul Gandhi) and Gujarat. While most of these concerns will not be addressed in near future, the campaign seeks to bring out a different facet of industry friendly Indian government called “in case sh*t hits the fan”.

The source explains with the Bhopal Gas tragedy case study, the government wants to showcase India’s glorious past of strong working relations between foreign industries and Indian government.

“Tell me one thing, which other foreign government would have allowed the Union Carbide executives to get away in an accident where about 10,000 people died and 550,000 people were affected? “

“Which government would have ceremonially arrested Warren Anderson and released him on bail soon after? Not only this, we went an extra mile to flew him out on a government plane to safety. If this is not the spirit of “Atithi Devo Bhava” I don’t know what is” – claimed the visibly moved source.

“How do you think India’s low cost destination reputation was established? Much before software industry was writing code for fraction of US cost, much before cheap garments were exported, even before cheap generic medicines were manufactured, it was Indian government that gave out the message to the entire industrial world in no uncertain terms that here in India – human life is cheap!

Where else Union Carbide would have been able to get away with biggest industrial disaster of the world claiming thousands of life by paying just $470 million against a claim of $3 billion? Only A Raja can offer such steep bargain while allocating spectrum. In US, BP had to pay $20 billion in minor pipeline explosion accident with hardly any loss of human life.“ said the source while reclaiming some composure.

“We want to bring out these points to the prospective investors and encourage them not to be bogged down by recent obstacles from Supreme Court and Environmentalists”

On being asked if this campaign hurts the feelings of an entire city deeply affected by this tragedy, the source was quick to point out this is in fact a tribute to the victims. “See we are not letting their contribution be forgotten and instead immortalizing their memory. Tomorrow, imagine how many new factories will be setup with FDI attracted by this campaign. The friends and families of the deceased will be so proud of their contribution to Bharat Nirman”

Secondary sources claim that source interviewed by this correspondent has been approached by Tarun Tejpal’s PR team.