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BHEL engineer found talking to a girl on phone during office hours leaving colleagues stunned

19, Jun 2014 By chralieharper

It all happened in Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. during lunch hours on Wednesday afternoon. Manghadant kumar hailing from Jharkhand working in BHEL since last 3 years was very jolly and full of entertainment person till yesterday morning when after lunch hours he was found talking to someone very nicely and not even using a single sweet gaali(e.g. haramkhor, bonchri) he used to use for his friends.

Everyone was shocked after seeing him in this new Avtar. When some of the colleagues tried to approach him to seek explanation for this unusual type of behavior, he immediately ignored them and walked away keeping his one hand on the left hip (his pet gesture). He used to participate in every single bakhaiti discussion being held at various points in BHEL premises.

A very close friend of Manghadant claiming to be his sweetheart told us on anonymity that he was talking to some girl. Further he whispered in our correspondent’s ear that Manghadant is a chameleon.

“Oh! Man! He opened his mouth only to eat biryani or to say bonchri to his friends & now see the change. Even chameleon can’t change color that fast” He added further.

Faking news further inquired into this matter and found out that Manghadant was struggling to get married to a girl (any) since almost last 15 years, but his communication skills with girls were coming into his way. He even prepared for CAT & Indian idiots services so that he could impress someone by his vocab skills but couldn’t get succeeded. Finally he approached a Bengali baba who gave him “Ye Wala Churan” and advised him to take two spoonful of the churan before calling any girl. Baba asked him to take some precautions.

When we contacted Manghadant kumar and asked reasons behind these sudden changes then he told us that all these are rumors and a conspiracy against him by Mr. Yash Chopra who is all jealous with his success in life. He further threw light on his journey of life that he was like James Bond since his childhood and everyone was always jealous of him as he was the best. In the last he said “I am the best” with a victory sign and again walked away to take some “ye wala churan”.