Monday, 19th February, 2018

Why Bhai-dooj when we have Rakshabandhan?- Supreme Court thinks

10, Oct 2017 By AdityaSachan

After successful impositions on various festivals like Durga idol immersion, Dahi Handi, Diwali. We got hold of exclusive news. “Yes it is true, there is no need for Bhai Dooj, don’t we already have Rakshabandhan? Then why unnecessarily waste time and money on similar festival. Such repetitions are not required”, said Mr. Khafa Naraaj.

Judge scared to pose the question to this lawyer
Judge scared to pose the question to this lawyer

Mr.Khafa Naraaj, is head of TATTI (Thinking & Advising The True Intellectuals). His group has been responsible to drive this modernized change in festivals using Extraction method of planting dreams like in movie Inception.

As per very trustworthy sources, Mr.Naraaj will secretly plant this idea in dreams much like Inception and make SC think to ban Bhai-Dooj very soon.

When asked about banning slaughtering of goats in some festivals, Mr. Naraaj got angry. ‘I knew some pseudo seculars like you will ask this. We conducted a scientific research and survey for Goats. We asked Goats, “Who likes to be butchered?” and they unanimously replied “MAINNN..”. Hence don’t create try to sabotage real issues and create tensions’, said Mr. Naraaj.

‘After this, we are also planning to make SC think for banning tomatoes in La Tomatina festival. It is against the values and sentiments of tomatoes’, said another TATTI member.