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BEST bus conductors to ask commuters to bring the change

26, Jan 2013 By tarasnake

After a heady show of military might and mega costume parade at Maharashtra Governor’s palace or Raj Bhavan which was graced as usual by the CM, Ex-CM and a dizzying array of officials and secretaries who were forced to forego weekend long vacations, BEST decided to deploy additional buses to control passengers harassed by weekend mega-block by railways the next day.

Sensing the expectation that a strong Lokpal is on way in next parliament session, BEST admission has decided not to round off fares like the railway suburban fares to 5 or 10 but instead will ask passengers to bring in the change by 1 or 2 rupees more.

Likewise if the change is not available with the general public or in circulation the passengers will have to make do with note at back of ticket for unsettled claims during journey to be taken from BEST Depot Managers around the city who will be armed with a signature id scanner to validate the claims when BEST conductors are not around to settle scores with passengers asking for change.

Meanwhile plans are afoot to bring the change to the system by the then depot managers. “We will ask RBI to print lower denomintion paper currency which are out of circulation to ensure a smooth run of our fare hike.” said a BEST Depot manager on conditions of anonymity.

Expecting a dismayed expression while travelling in BEST buses without changes , passengers with experience with unsettled claims from depots and signed BEST tickets are getting ready to Occupy RBI and Occupy Electric House and seize the moment should RBI not swing into action.

“We ve had bad and good experiences with BEST buses vide coupons and plastic but what if we want to change route” said a regular commuter from Powai who logs in 100 km every week to do office chores.

RBI officials when quizzed about the impending storm abt loose change replied stoicly “We ve yet to hear a grouse from BEST passengers who refuse to bring in change”.