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Bengaluru to introduce flying volvo bus to curb traffic jams

13, Dec 2013 By Nimajji

Sources of inspiration

Yes! We Can, says Karnataka CM Siddu to Faking news correspondent when asked question about way to curb the increasing traffic jams in Bangalore City.

CM claims that he received this idea from none other than the prince of India. Prince stuck with an idea after watching the movie Iron Man and is already in talk with Robert Downy Jr of Iron Man fame to build a prototype of flying Volvo buss especially 500C and 500D buss across Bangalore city.

According to our sources in IIFB ( International  Intelligence Faking Bureau )- Robert has denied the fact and is successful in convincing the Prince that such things are possible only in movies and traffic jams are just a state of mind.

“If not flying Volvo bus then why not flying cars I say” – Rowdy Ramu, an RTO agent told Faking news. He claims that all the RTO agents, actual RTO employees and the Ministry of Road Transport are in serious talks to introduce flying cars in Bangalore and this is their only way to make millions of dollars unless AAP happens.

“This is the next big thing, make the flying sikh as brand ambassador,” says Airubhai Dhambani , a business man from Gujarat settled in Bangalore.

“It was a weekend and as usual I was in office at my desk in  9th floor performing stress test on a  website and suddenly saw a flying car through a glass window near Manyata Tech Park , Bangalore,”  claims a techie Subramanyam Ravindranathan, he believes  it was a mission secretly carried out by a Karanataka State Govt  but  later confesses to Faking news that he was under the influence of Lucid dream pills  which he used,  to take off his mind away from his life in Bangalore city filled with long hours of traffic jams and  a crap IT job.