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Bengaluru man reaches office from home within 20 minutes, claims world record

26, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. The traffic in the city, which moves slower than the speed of cases solved by judiciary system of our country, could not stop Mr. Himmatwala Muhkala to reach his office at an unimaginable time of twenty minutes.

This rare event has given a shock to the traffic management system of the city which has never failed to make people travel for less than an hour to whichever place they want to go irrespectively from wherever they board the bus.

Bangalore traffic
A regular traffic in Bengaluru

Celebrating the record created by him, dancing Himmatwala said, “I started at 9.00 a.m. in the morning to reach office on time, that is by 12 pm, the time at which my shift starts. The bus driver, who like every other bus driver, drove the bus like Michael Schumacher, crossed bridges by bridges and signals by signals without applying brakes even once. Firstly, we thought that brakes of the bus have failed. But when I was just about to tweet ‘Counting my last breaths #DyingYoung #BrakesFail #BMTC #WillMissYouBengaluruTraffic’ , it was found that there was no traffic on road due to diversion the route, just like every second software engineer is diverted to Bangalore from every nook and corner of India.”

“When I reached office, I checked the time on my phone and it showed 9.20 a.m. Before my eyeballs would pop out, I reiterated ‘all is well-all is well’ to digest the fact that I actually reached the office within 20 minutes” said the man.

Considering this as his lifetime achievement, which is difficult to achieve for any other Bangalorean, Himmatwala held the press-conference and declared himself the ‘fastest man to reach office’ and applied for the same on Guinness book of world records’ website.

Authorities at Guinness registered this unbreakable record at no time (the time slightly more than the time at which bails are granted to celebrities by courts).