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Beauty parlor gets ‘World Peace’ award, the entire NGO community in shock

23, Jun 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A beauty parlor in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, recently received ‘World Peace’ award from an international organization. The entire NGO communities in the country are in deep shock that their life long selfless service went in vain and a commercial outfit has been recognized.

“Commercial or not, our service to humanity in general and Mumbaikars in particular is supreme. More in the lines of Dr. Kalam’s words, we bring ‘Beauty in the character which helps to attain harmony at home and then there is world peace’. The award committee was swift in recognizing our service and this award”, the manager of Zorro in Kharghar told Faking News.

The most valuable service being provided by any organization
The most valuable service being provided by any organization

“Very few places in the world you find gender equality and our parlor certainly is one such home. That is right! Almost all the customers feel at home here and most of them even take an hour-long nap during our services.

Our customers are treated like no celebrities here but like God. We, at Zorro, welcome them with folded hands; give facial wash with milk and fruit juices, very much like in temples. After all, quite literally we touch their feet, albeit for service. There is one difference though. Our Gods aka customers immediately pay for the offerings”, the manager explained about the Godly service.

“We have married couples from all age groups visit us week after week. The gentlemen are always willing to pay whatever it takes to make their wives look better and even more for a few hours of absolute silence during various services. We do better service than all the marriage counselors put together in the country. As much as we are delighted by the award, we are not surprised”, the manager told Faking News.

“We have make feel-good service bargains for single men as well. You could have pedicure, facial and advanced haircut – all for a killer price”, the manager threw the last line at the Faking News reporter who rubbed his bald head and scratched thru the beard – making himself disqualified for the cosmetic treatment.