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Bear Grylls to survive as RSS/BJP worker in Kerala in his upcoming 'Man vs Wild: Survival Sanghi' series

03, Feb 2017 By manithan

Kannur: Adventurer Bear Grylls, famous for his Man vs Wild series, has decided to reboot his famous reality series with Kerala as the backdrop. Not only that, he will be going undercover as RSS & BJP worker in Kerala for a month time.

‘Man vs Wild’ was a famous reality series which involved Bear Grylls going through some of the worst living conditions in dangerous corners of the world. We caught up with the director of the reboot, Mark Scavinzksi.

Bear grylls doing a photoshoot with his costume for his upcoming series 'Man vs Wild: Survival Sanghi'
Bear grylls doing a photoshoot with his costume for his upcoming series ‘Man vs Wild: Survival Sanghi’

Speaking to Faking News, the director Mark said, “The old series ran very successfully for a period of five years and garnered fan base for Bear Grylls. But due to his other commitments, we were unable to take our contract forward. And with most of his outside commitments done, Bear came back to us with a plan for kick-starting the series again. While our team was researching, we went through many places which were hazardous to human life, like, the Antarctic, Brazil rainforest, North Korean city, ISIS-controlled Syria and Iraq, liberals-infested Blue states and most parts of refugee-filled Europe. But when we ran through our danger rating system, none of these breached the 50% mark.”

“But, there was one territory that gave us 98% danger rating. That was the state of Kerala in the south of India.”, the director continued. “Kerala is best known for its tourist attraction. But, when you are RSS or BJP worker in Kerala, it is a lethal combo. You are like a lamb eager to land up in the plate of its master. We took a month’s time and researched about RSS and BJP and history of the Leftist ‘Population Reduction Program’ in Kerala. When we presented our ideas to Bear Grylls, his remark was ‘If I could survive this, I will leave all these adventure kinds of stuff and go lead a normal mundane life, I promise!’. Immediately, we started logistics and visa clearance process.”

A production member revealed the overall modus operandi behind this season. “Bear will be dressing as RSS worker and would go around in their costume for two days in Malappuram, Kannur, Kozhikode and many liberal places of Kerala. If he survives that, then he will be taking part in BJP rallies in Communist zones. Over the next days, he will be involved in series of events that will make him come into crosshairs of Left intellectuals. How he is going to survive in Kerala as a Sanghi without being killed will form the rest of series, which you have to watch live. If Bear bears this period in Kerala as a Hindu nationalist, we will then send him to West Bengal and make him stay there for three days.”