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Bangalore's hair fall to be offered at newly built Balaji Temple

08, Aug 2013 By tspriyaa

Bangalore: It looks like the lord of Tirupati has decided to find a new abode after the massive controversies over the richest temple’s funds last year. The head priest of the temple, in a recent meeting with The , stated that the massive increase in hair fall that Bangaloreans experience nowadays is possibly attributed to the fact that the divine figure, Lord Balaji, wants a temple to be built in Bangalore as early as possible.

For centuries, Tirupati has been the hub of the head shaving ritual and it is believed by the devotees that Lord Balaji of Tirupati grants them their wishes in exchange for their hair. Every year, thousands of devotees visit the temple to offer their hair to the lord along with huge donations of gold, money and rice. However, over the last one year Tirupati has seen a steep decline in the number of pilgrims visiting the temple, after the temple made the headlines for allegations about its authorities surreptitiously diverting the funds of the temple’s coffers to their private bank accounts.

Total collection of Hair Fall generated by Bangalore city in a day which will now be put to some good use by being offered to Balaji Temple.

Things took a turn when Rina(name changed), an IT professional, reported that Lord Balaji was incensed with her as she had visited the temple  a few months ago praying that she would donate her hair to the temple if she got a job and didn’t keep up her promise. God answered her prayers, yet she played truant to the custom when she relocated to Bangalore on clearing the interview without shaving off her head. As a result, Rina claimed that she started experiencing massive hair fall, and her lustrous tresses were reduced to nothing within the span of days.

Rina then created a Facebook page to garner the attention of professionals facing similar problems with hair fall and the number of page hits and posts crossed one million within a week. While one post stated that visiting the temple once again and shaving off the remaining hair would do good, another claimed that the process could not be reversed as there was no hair left to be offered to the Lord anymore after they came down to Bangalore. One post ironically said, “No wonder His name is Bal-aji(bal means hair).”

Temple authorities have used the incident as grist to the mill. They claim that the God wants a temple to be built in Bangalore at the earliest and the hair fall merely portends that the city needs a supernatural force to rescue it from some catastrophe that is yet to come in the near future. Some of the devotees have already accepted the claim as they have started to visit Bangalore in the last few days instead of Tirupati and are experiencing hair fall. They claim that their stay in Bangalore is equivalent of numerous visits to Tirupati as the baldness is permanent, which implies that their wishes will be fulfilled for lifetime.

However, Bal Bachao, a Bangalore-based hair research centre, seems to impugn the statement of the temple. It released an in-depth case study which revealed that stress coupled with the peaking pollutant levels in air and water played a miserly game with the hair of Bangaloreans.

The temple has however shunned the case study of the trichologists. The head priest of the temple said that Bal Bachao was disgruntled about losing out on its customers who opted for hair transplants as now Bangaloreans have started to accept baldness as a boon from Lord Balaji. The temple has filed a petition to the Karnataka government asking it to provide aids to construct a huge Balaji temple similar to the one at Tirupati, according to reports, today.

The youth brigade of Bangalore has different things to say about this. While some of them say that the new temple would be an answer to all the hair loss, some cross their fingers and the rest just say ‘que sera sera’.