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Bangalorean drivers are being trained to plough farms purposefully- Transport Minister

15, Sep 2013 By adithshetty

In one of the major revelation, Karnataka Transport Ministry has acknowledged that Bangalore roads may be in very pathetic conditions , but there is a purpose behind everything.

Speaking to a press meet, the Transport minister Ramalinga Reddy has admitted that Government is completely aware of the situation, but it isn’t taking any action , so that people are trained how to plough farms and re-discover a farmer inside them.

Mr Reddy said “Karnataka is basically a agricultural State but over the period of time, number of farmers are decreasing exponentially. The next generation of rural areas are migrating to Bangalore and have occupied dignified status at IT companies, having forgotten the farming techniques completely and leaving behind a threat that no more agriculturalist are found in the state. so this is one of the ways of inducting those skills to people”.

Ministers words make total justice if one sees a Bangalore-an drive his vehicle on Bangalore roads. Roads are dug and left uncovered and the recent heavy lashes of rains have turned almost 80% of Bangalore roads to a rural farm and manoeuvring your car/bike through them is no less than ploughing a farm with tractors of tillers(a smaller version of tractors).

Standing by the transport ministry was the State Chief minister who said ” Yes , this is the right step, Due to lack of technical people in the agriculture fields has caused huge decrease in states production. This has hit State and countries GDP badly”. Mr Siddaramaiah even went on that this was one of the cause of falling rupee and price hikes.

Hearing the news , from no where even the son of the soil (Mannina maga), former PM Devegowda has hailed the Karnataka govt for the brave step. “This was very essential, nowadays , most of the farmers children complete their graduation and leave their villages, causing many agricultural lands turning barren. And the one who dont , are totally useless and unskilled to handle the agricultural activities. The skills that our previous generation had has been completely lost” quoted Mr.Gowda.

Noding to his dad’s comments even Kumarswamy said, “If no farmers are left, how can I go to villages and have my supper?”

However the news has not gone well with the opposition BJP members. Citing a opportunity, Former CM and KJP Leader Yeddyurappa, has called for hunger strike at Freedom park on this Sunday. But unfortunately all roads leading to Freedom park are dug and its to be seen how he reaches the venue.

Meanwhile this has boosted the moral of BBMP and BMRCL(Metro rail corporation), which were continuously blamed for all the messing up. The digging process from these two agencies have again started in full swings in many part of the cities.