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Bangalore traffic, a blessing in disguise

07, Jan 2014 By nojam

Taking into consideration the heavy complaints from all the Banglorean’s about the traffic situation, the Bangalore Municipal Corporation has come up with a great solution and use traffic for its implementation. We have heard of the phrase “Blessing in disguise”, but the authorities have taken it a bit too seriously.

The fainted employee was treated in bus itself as the traffic jam did not allow him to be admitted to any hospita
Work From Bus (WFB)

Instead of tackling the growing problem, they will ensure that the traffic helps people in their respective endeavors as they see it a more practical solution rather than creating wide roads and congestion free signals.

Talking to us anonymously one of the joint ministers said that, “Since many youths travel by BMTC buses to work, we have installed free WiFi so that they can have ease to do there office work when in bus. Also since students too travel, we are talking to the schools to create a “School on Bus” concept in which the teachers can use the buses for teaching rather than the students attending classes in schools. This will help students use 3-4 hours of their rather unproductive and boring time in the bus more constructively. Also to increase the traffic there will be an increase in number of buses plying all the routes and there will be less seating arrangement in each buses so that the buses always have people standing which is a sign that our resource are not underutilized.”

Talking to the bus commuters we realized people are talking this in the right spirit. One of the regular bus commuter told us that, “Since the buses have started giving free WiFi, I can use the four hours of my travel to send mails and also sometimes do online meetings. This has actually relieved a lot of my office pressure. I also do not mind the time it takes to reach office.”

Many commuters have similar thoughts about the increased traffic situation. We happened to talk to one of the BMTC VOLVO Drivers who said that, “Since we were experts in creating traffic by stopping our vehicles in busy crossroads or just after the signals, it has been a relief of doing the same without having any guilt now. We now a days take the most congested routes and if we are early we make it a point to stop at any signal for any amount of time we please before resuming our journey.”

People have now started taking WFB (Work from BUS) on a regular basis and the managers do not mind, since even sometimes they are also in the same bus and it now becomes a mini office where people can work. The bus system in Bangalore is more than just a means of transport now. It has become a part of the lives as their home or office.

There has also been news that the bus interior would be made to look like cabins in the office, so as to give the commuters a feel of their office when they are in the bus. Also there have been rumors that there will be a Pantry in certain buses to provide the people the best service possible. The authorities have taken really taken matters in their own hands. They have shown that we must always look at the brighter side of things and convert problems into opportunities.

People now are relieved that there are traffic jams and the world would seem different without them here in Bangalore. With increasing traffic jams but no long waits for office work, Bangalorean’s are more happy than ever. There could not have been a better story to illustrate “Blessing in Disguise”.