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Bangalore techie hits the gym continously for two months, admitted in mental hospital

01, Apr 2014 By bhura

Gym enthu
Rahul working out.

24 years old Rahul, an IT professional working in Bangalore  was admitted in mental hospital after his flat mates found out that he went to gym continuously for two months. Initial diagnostics have revealed that he has become mentally weak and has lost all his will power to not go to gym.

Ajay, his flat mate, has reported a FIR against his team mate for allegedly brain washing him that he should hit the gym regularly. He told our reporter that earlier also  he made plans to go to gym but either he never went or stopped going after two or three days. His friends are sad about losing their friend because of his bad habit.

According to Ajay, Rahul started going early to office citing reasons that he has gotten a new project and he has to put in extra hours. But when Rahul went to office on Ugadi also, which is a public holiday, Ajay got suspicious and inquired with his team mates. After learning the truth from his team mates, he called Bangalore Mental Hospital to catch him.

Also, his friends have started a campaign on Facebook , to urge everyone to be mentally strong and remove this evil called as ‘gym’ from the society. It sucks energy out of your body and makes you lethargic. According to his friends , going to gym is a lose – lose situation. You lose weight as well as your money. They have also written to Rahul Gandhi for introducing a relevant bill in Parliament asap.